Top 10 Python Resources, February 2019

Articles, Videos, Books, GitHub repositories & Twitch

In this new post, you will find the best Python resources we came across online during this month of February. If you’re searching for a super Python cheatsheet, this curated list is definitely for you! 🐍

Curious to follow a live Python seminar? Scroll down to discover the mystery speaker that gives Python seminars on Twitch! 🤩

As always, all credit goes to the authors!

Keywords: Test-driven Development; Logging; Cheatsheet; Keylogger; Architecture; Animation; Math; Recursion; Data analysis; Syntax; Transcompiler; Web scrapping.

1. Python Logging Made (Stupidly) Simple

Author: Delgan

Indeed, simple and enjoyable logging in Python! With Loguru, the author aims to remove the complexity between loggers and handlers. Note: interesting if your project does not have an existing logging infrastructure.

2. Comprehensive Python Cheatsheet

Author: Jure Šorn

Šorn’s well-structured cheatsheet is definitely one of the coolest out there. Here are some shortcuts: String, Combinatorics, Inline, Class, Command Line Arguments, Metaprograming, etc. Note: do check the author’s GitHub profile.

3. Free Book About TDD and Clean Architecture in Python

Author: Leonardo Giordani

Giordani’s free book is a well-written and informative resource for understanding the intricacies of software architecture and Test-Driven Development (TDD). Note: The book is definitely suitable for beginners. You will love the author’s step-by-step approach to explaining projects’ architecture!

4. How to Build a Simple Python Keylogger

Author: Attreya Bhatt

In these tutorials you will see the output in a live manner as the author tests the code. Well done Attreya Bhatt! Note: the author has listed the source code in the descriptions.

5. Animation Engine for Explanatory Math Videos

Author: 3Blue1Brown

Python to create videos about math! Manim is an engine to “translate maths to animation” by creating animations programmatically (runs on python 3.7). Note: if you are interested in doing math with python (or vice versa?), check this out!

6. Build a Data Analysis Library from Scratch in Python

Author: Ted Petrou

For intermediary level: refine your fundamentals and develop your skills in iterating through lists, tuples, sets, etc. As explained by Petrou, you’ll need to understand the basics of classes and object-oriented programming. Note: it’s a great exercise to learn how to put together a complete project.

7. Python Syntax, Working with Shell Commands, Files, Text Processing, and More

Author: Sundeep Agarwal

Agarwal’s repo regroups a good set of resources for beginners: from a straightforward introduction, to a curated list of Python resources and tutorials. Note: Gitbook version.

8. Scraping Top 50 Movies on IMDb Using BeautifulSoup, Python

Author: Nishant Sahoo

Sahoo’s article is a good start to test web scrapping. The author highlights the best practices, and introduces a specific Python library for pulling data from HTML. It is a good start to test web scrapping. Note: Github repository.

9. Programming in Python with Practice Problems and Small Projects

Author: Al Sweigart

Yes, you read it right — Al Swigart, author of “Automate The Boring Stuff”, Making Games with Python & Pygame, and many more, is now streaming ~3 times a week! Note: if you do not have time to follow live streaming tutorials, check Sweigart’s YouTube channel.

10. Grumpy: Python to Go Source Code Transcompiler and Runtime

Source: Google Developers

Grumpy compiles Python source code to Go source code which is then compiled to native code. Note: you can join the community of developers behind Grumpy in this Gitter community.
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